Monday, June 24, 2013

Why Patrick Warburton should have been Franky's dubbed voice.

Yea, the Kenpachi voice actor works okay for Franky, but lets be honest here. His original japanese voice is a lot more nasally and even a bit scottish sounding. Franky's voice is one of those that is very hard to localize, unless they find some scottish asian guy like that starburst commercial. So why not, instead of trying to emmulate that voice, go a whole other route? They should have given him the american equivalent to his voice, which is Patrick Warburton. I can't be the only guy who thinks Joe Swanson's voice would fit Franky perfectly. He has that same levelof randomness and energy as Franky, and Joe's voice shouting the trademark "Suuuuuper" would be just as funny. Did the idea not cross Funimation's mind because Warburton isn't known for anime voices? Even when i first read the manga, I imagined him sounding like Joe Swanson. I can't be alone on this right?

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